January 2011 News Letter

VOL 1 ISSUE 1 Welcome to the the B.C. Association of Abattoirs! This quarterly newsletter will be published January, April, July and September. If you would like to contribute or need to communicate with the membership, please contact Jerri-Lynne Cameron and she will ensure that you are able to communicate with the right people.

Meet the Directors for 2011

Dave Fernie, Big Lake 250-243-2340
Bonnie Windsor, Chilliwack 604-858-4121
Carl Rainer, Barriere 250-672-9407
Harry Gunter, Courtenay 250-334-2960
Richard Yntema, Enderby 250-838-7980
Larry Noulett, Prince George 250-963-7127

Strategic Plan

The draft strategic plan was sent out to all abattoirs and industry representatives in November 2010 with a request for feedback. Amendments have been made based upon this feedback and printed copies will be distributed to by the end of January.

Click here to download a .PDF copy of the Strategic Plan.

Projects for First Quarter Funding

  • Communications Coordinator
 Develop newsletter and columns for Producer and Industry Associations, coordinate committee meetings, represent the association at select trade shows and industry meetings.
  • Website, Trade Show Display and Pamphlets
  • Annual Meeting 
to be held May 2011
  • Research and Development Projects Outlined in Strategic Plan:

    Product Tracking and Quality Information System for B.C. Beef and Lamb
    B.C. Assoc of Abattoirs has partnered with B.C. Cattlemen’s Association as co-applicants to the Investment Agriculture Foundation. This project was tentatively approved by the IAF Board in November, 2010, providing the applicants can raise the remaining $45,000 from industry funding. The B.C. Abattoirs and the Cattlemen’s are currently embarking on a fund-raising and project awareness campaign for all the industry stakeholders within the supply chain, to raise the remaining $45,000. Please email gwatt@tru.cafor more information on this project.

    Access to Corporate Retail and Food Service Markets
The initial application will be submitted to Investment Agriculture Foundation by March 1, 2011.Investigate potential for a local lab-certified rapid-E.coli test for ground beef
We will be engaged in discussions with funding organizations over the next month to determine the most suitable funder for this project.

Bonnie Windsor Appointed to BCFAA

Bonnie Windsor will be representing the BCAA through a seat on the British Columbia Farm Animal Care Council.

Foreign Labor Worker Program
We have made contact with a consultant who has assisted members of the Berry Growers Association in streamlining and simplifying the application process for foreign workers. Gillian Watt is working with Richard Bell of Farmcrest Foods to investigate the possibility of making these services available to abattoirs. Interested parties should contact Gillian Watt and let her know that:

  • (a) you are interested, and
  • (b) how many workers you require c)whether you would be willing to pay a fee for the service.

Committee Reports

Government Liaison Committee:

  • Chair Dave Fernie
    Jerri-Lynne will be scheduling a conference call meeting for this committee in the next few weeks. If you have any concerns please contact one of the following committee members and they will put it on the meeting agenda:
    – Richard Bell, Farmcrest Foods
    – Ian Molliet, B.C. Sheep Federation
    – Dave Fernie, Rodear Meats
    – Bill Freding, B.C. Association of Cattle Feeders
    – Mike Noullett, Kowano Farms
    – Kevin Boon, B.C. Cattlemens Association
    – Dennis Gunter, Gunter Bros Farms
    – Bonnie Windsor, Johnston Packers
    – Dan Ferguson, ex officio

Finance Committee

  • Chair Richard Yntema
    We have currently received 2011 membership fees from 17 abattoirs and 3 producers.

Communications, Membership and Marketing Committee

  • Chair Bonnie Windsor
We are currently applying for funding for the activities outlined in the strategic plan and we will have more to report in April. We would like to increase our membership to at least 25 abattoir members and 50 producer/associate members this year, so please print the attached membership application form and hand it out to anyone you know who is involved in the B.C. meat industry and may be interested in becoming a member.
  • A press release was sent to the Beef in B.C. Magazine in December and will appear in the January issue. Plans are in the works for similar articles to be sent to the other producer magazines/newsletters over the next few months. Gillian will be scheduling a conference call meeting for this committee in the next few weeks. If you have any ideas, or would like to help out with this committee please contact one of the following committee members:
    – Karen Molliet, Producer Members
     – Gillian Watt, Associate Members
     – Dave Fernie, Abattoir Members
     – Bonnie Windsor, Abattoir Members

Abattoir Competitiveness Program: DEADLINE JANUARY 31, 2011

We have attached the application form to this newsletter and it will need to be signed by a Notary so your timeline is very short!

Communications Coordinator

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by telephone or email:

Jerri-Lynne Cameron, Cameron Communications

  • Phone: 250-828-9982
  • Email:

Gillian Watt, Holmwood Farms

  • Phone: 250-319-2367
  • Email:
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