• Salt Spring Abattoir

    Salt Spring Abattoir

    Vancouver Island
    The Salt Spring Abattoir is a community facility managed by the the not- for- profit Salt Spring Abattoir Society.It provides custom slaughter service..
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  • Arenbrook Acres

    Arenbrook Acres

    Arenbrook Acres is a government inspected facility located in the Falkland area...
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  • Walk’In Acres

    Walk’In Acres

    Owned and operated by Keith and Wilma Watkin.Providing slaughtering services for chickens and turkeys. Also producing chickens and turkeys for sale.Cl..
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  • Passmore Poultry Pluckers Inc.

    Passmore Poultry Pluckers Inc.

    Passmore Poultry Pluckers Inc. is a poultry abattoir serving the central West Kootenay District since 2011. Their vision is to "be a catalyst suppor..
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  • Copper Mountain Farms

    Copper Mountain Farms

    This plant offers custom slaughter and processing services for chicken, turkeys and ducks...
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  • Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

    Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

    Fraser Valley
    Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry was started in the early 1970’s with a small backyard duck flock by the Peter Zilian family. Hatching ducklings in t..
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  • Farmcrest Foods

    Farmcrest Foods

    Our chicken is 100% natural, locally grown on our farm in Salmon Arm. Everything we do at Farmcrest Foods is designed to bring British Columbians the ..
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  • Rainer Custom Cutting

    Rainer Custom Cutting

    North Thompson
    Rainer’s Custom Cutting is a third generation family business overlooking the North Thompson Valley near Barriere, BC. Originally a beef and dairy f..
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