Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry
4540 Simmons Rd.
Chilliwack, BC V2R 4R7
Fraser Valley
Ken Falk
(604) 823-4435

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry was started in the early 1970’s with a small backyard duck flock by the Peter Zilian family. Hatching ducklings in the basement of their home and processing market ready birds in the carport soon became unmanageable, since the products were growing in demand in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The company grew substantially over the next several years; commercial hatchery and government inspected facilities were built to accommodate the growth.

The company has always maintained its own hatchery supply duck flocks, producing hatching eggs, grown on the company’s own farms. This has allowed the company to maintain very close quality control of its products.

In 1998, the Falk family purchased the operations, combining it with other poultry farming facilities already underway. The coming years saw the addition of Specialty Chicken products, and increases in the number of geese grown and processed; these new product lines were sold to the same customers who were already buying the ducks. Maintaining an active presence in small niche markets has always been important to the family, so squab, free range and organic birds of all species were also added along the way.

This makes Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry BC’s premier supplier of specialty and niche market products, serving stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and barbecue shops directly and indirectly through distributors Province wide.

Services available:

  • Custom kill of all poultry species

Products available:

  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Chicken
  • Squab
  • Christmas Geese and Turkeys on a seasonal basis

Ready to cook products (depending upon species and season):

  • Live (day old or market ready)
  • Processed whole birds, quarters, legs, breasts
  • By-products such as carcasses, feet, tongues, heads, gizzards, livers, hearts, ground duck, and duck meat patties.
  • Also available as farmer sausage, smoked breast, smokies, and “duckeroni”.

Other by-products – Feathers are salvaged from both ducks and geese.

For more information about our products and services, please visit www.fvdg.com.