Campbell Farm

Campbell Farm
PO Box 9, 102 Quarry
Saturna Island BC 
V0N 2Y0 
Saturna Island
Jacques  Campbell 
(250) 539‐2470

Located on the picturesque Saturna Island, in the heart of the Southern Gulf Islands, the Campbell Farm has been producing beef since 1945 and lamb since 1960. Jacques’ parents started the farm, and in 1958-59, an abattoir was built with valuable design input to meet the newly implemented meat inspection regulations of the time. Some upgrades have been done to the original slaughterhouse since that time, such as improved finish on walls, and a full ceiling. Jacques has taken over the operation from her parents, with the help of her brother and a lamb-producing neighbour.

The Campbell Farm operation primarily raises its own animals for processing, and custom cut & wrap of beef and lamb. They primarily market their products to local businesses such as the café on Saturna Island, as well as many folks who come to the Island to use their vacation properties. They now produce more lamb than beef, as it is easier to manage on the land considering the Island’s climate; the lamb is also more marketable in this area. The Campbell Farm raises both grass-fed and grain-fed beef; if late-summer and autumn weather conditions are favourable and cattle are growing well, she tends to keep them on grass. The lambs are primarily grass-fed. The animals are not yet marketed as grass-fed, but may consider this in future if it can be more consistent.

The abattoir provides some custom slaughter to friends and neighbours, and also provides custom slaughter services for lamb to producers from Mayne Island & Pender Island.