Beef Quality Information System.

 BC Beef Quality Information System (BCBQIS) Becomes a Reality
The piloting phase of this new system began on July 26, 2013 when Jarrod Goddard from Net Shift Media Inc. meets with members of the resource team at Kam Lake View Meats to hand over the IPAD to Ron Keely and Dave Fernie and begin explaining how to use the system.
From left to right in the photo are Ron Keely, Kam Lake View Meats, Jarrod Goddard, Net Shift Media, Dave Fernie, Rodear Meats, Gillian Watt, BC Association of Abattoirs and Owen Marshall, Certified Grader.
Ron, Dave and Owen will be the Carcass Quality Assessment Training Team and one of them will be travelling with Jarrod to each of the beef abattoirs around the province to ensure that each plant operator has one or two staff that are trained and certified to assess carcass quality under the new BCBQIS.
The pilot program will be tested at 4 plants including Kam Lake View Meats in Kamloops, Kawano Farms, Prince George, Rodear Meats, Big Lake  and Rainer Custom Cutting in Barriere.  Once the pilot stage is complete and the program is running smoothly (September 15) it will be rolled out to another 16 plants around the province.
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Through recent funding from the BC Branding Program, this program is to be expanded to include all red meat sectors and will be called Meat Quality Information System (BCMQIS)
Completion date for this expanded program is March 31, 2014


  • Initiated jointly between the BC Association of Abattoirs and the BC Cattlemen’s Association to develop a provincial database to complement the federal BIXS database to further enhance traceability throughout the value chain, ensure consistent product quality, and to foster continuous improvement of product attributes to comply with consumer demand.
  • The system would ensure that producers, processors, and consumers are connected through an information sharing system for continuous improvement and consistency of product quality. It would also develop quality standards appropriate for different markets, such as grain & grass fed products.
  • Its value will be seen across the value chain, from farm to fork; processors will have a more efficient automated system to trace their processes, and the program encompass a comprehensive reporting function so producers can gain valuable output reports from the system to enhance their production planning.
  • An industry advisory committee of producers, processors and other industry stakeholders has been struck to participate in the project and provide guidance across the value chain.
  • The project will be completed by June 30, 2013.

The BC Carcass Tracking and Quality Information System is a collaborative project led by the BC Cattlemen’s Association in partnership with the BC Association of Abattoirs. The project will involve the development of software that enables the industry to better track, analyze and improve products by allowing for quick input and retrieval of information through a shared database. Project partners will include representatives from the BC Beef Industry Development Council, the BC Cattle Feeders Association, Thompson Rivers University, Net Shift Media, and the Small Scale Food Processors Association.