Access to Markets


  • Initiated jointly between the BC Association of Cattle Feeders and the BC Association of Abattoirs.


  • Develop strategic partnerships with retail and food service markets to dedicate shelf space for locally produced & processed products within BC.
  • Identify retail and food service distributors that will accept meat from provincially licensed abattoirs.
  • Identify and develop quality & food safety parameters, to address requirements of large retail and food service establishments.
  • To determine requirements and work within existing distribution channels to facilitate offering of locally produced and processed meat for BC consumers.


  • Establish connections and identify retail and food service markets willing to consistently carry local BC-produced and processed products in their stores and menus.
  • Increase utilization of the BC based processors to help strengthen their businesses.
  • Develop safety and quality standards, and prerequisites required to access a consistent local market across the province.
  • Increase year round utilization of the provincially licenced abattoirs and develop a greater economy of scale for the beef producers and feedlot industry in B.C.
  • Establish a consistent supply of retail and food service establishments with dedicated shelf & menu space for locally produced and processed meat products that meet a certain standard of quality.
  • Improve on quality standards and consistency of local BC product, thereby increasing the credibility of our local product province and nation-wide.
  • Encourage the expansion of the feeding sector by increasing demand for B.C. beef; creating year round business for the provincial processing plants; and identifying markets that will showcase locally fed and processed beef.


  • Market research – establish strategic connections with retail and food service distributors within BC.
  • Determine quality and food safety requirements; determine requirements of producers & processors to facilitate consistent access with BC product.
  • Establish a listing of provincial producer/processor operations able to meet requirements
  • Facilitate connection of produced/processor and retail/foodservice distributors as a basis for on-going market relationships.