BC Association of Abattoirs

Annual General Meeting April 26-27 2019

Quaaout Lodge near Chase

To see details on the dates, booking hotel rooms, please read BCAA 2019 AGM Announcement

If you would like to sponsor our event, additional information can be found at: BCAA AGM 2019 Sponsorship Letter and BCAA-AGM-2019-Sponsorship Package

Go to and in the ‘Invoice/Order Number’ field enter AGM 2019 then add up the price for number of tickets and type you need.  If you have trouble, email me at

The BC Association of Abattoirs was founded in 2009 to collectively address the challenges and build on the opportunities facing provincially licensed processors and producers to provide consumers with safe, high quality meat and poultry products for commercial markets in British Columbia.

The Association works to build strong communication links throughout the value chain from producers to consumers, and cultivates strategic partnerships among industry stakeholders to build a strong, viable and profitable meat industry in BC.

Through a value chain approach, the BC Association of Abattoirs is a recognized provider of premium meat products tailored to meet the needs of BC customers while building a sustainable meat industry for BC’s meat producers and processors.

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